About us

Several years ago my sister-in-law (and now business partner) Jamie gave me one of her handmade rice sacks. It took the chill out of the cold winter days and eased my muscle pain. I bought them from her by the dozen. I wanted family, friends and teachers to enjoy the same experience.  She recommended I put one on the small of my back at night. She said it helps her fall asleep. I tried it and have been hooked ever since! - Gina Palmer (co-owner)

My brother-in-law (an orthopedic surgeon) gave me a corn sack from one of his patients. I loved the warmth and comfort it provided - but not the smell of burnt corn. After a little research, I found rice to be the better option. All of the therapeautic benfefits without the unpleasant odor. I truly cannot imagine a day without my comfort sac. - Jamie Ovens (co-owner)

We're excited to share with you our comfort sac product line -- the ultimate in luxury for natural therapeutic rice bags -- now available in a variety of designs.  


Established 2018
Pepper Pike, OH