So excited to receive mine! Love, love, love your bright colors and fun patterns. Perfect for my lower back after a workout or run. - K. Loiczly - Willoughby Hills, OH  (09/10/18)

Update on my review: threw my back out last night. This was the answer to my prayers!! Perfect weight and heat. I didn’t even need my prescription muscle reliever (which I hate taking.). Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! - K. Loiczly (09/22/18)

I’m in love with my comfort sac.  I often have a stiff neck by days end and there’s nothing like resting the warm comfort sac behind my neck while watching t.v. Ahhh. - R. Lepp - Pepper Pike, OH (10/11/18)

Thank you @luxeandcomfort for the handmade comfort sac. It is a perfect way to warm up on a cold day or to soothe an aching muscle. The comfort sac makes a great holiday or teacher gift! - D. Retino - Kirtland, OH (10/11/18)

My comfort sacs are stored in the freezer. They can easily be heated in the microwave when I need heat. Used cold, the sacks are comfortable and don’t irritate my skin like other cold packs. Plus, they can be left on the skin for an extended period of time without getting an ice burn. I recently had an awful bout with poison ivy. The only way I was able to fall asleep was with a cool comfort sac on each arm. Thanks LUXE & COMFORT!! - J. Began - Chardon, OH (10/13/18)

I was so impressed by the fantastic customer service!  Timely emails informed me of status and delivery time. The inspirational comfort sac I ordered was received within days. Excellent packaging and quality. - E. Negrelli - Gates Mills, OH (10/15/18)

Love these beautiful healing sacs! We have one for each of us in our home to help with sore muscles, cramps -- and I personally use them more in the cold winter months to take the chill off. Their appealing designs fit in with my decor so they are always on hand too! They have been great gifts for my friends and family. Thanks Luxe + Comfort, Inc.! - C. Bahler - Indianapolis, IN (10/22/18)